Avaya - Group Collaboration

Modular Messaging

Designed for single- or multi-site enterprises, this powerful IP- and standards-based unified messaging platform provides features like call answering, voice messaging, and speech capabilities. Modular Messaging keeps messages accessible anytime, anywhere, from a wide array of devices—including phones, fax machines, and PCs. This flexibility enhances employee productivity, helping to improve customer satisfaction, lower costs, and drive revenue.
Highly scalable, Modular Messaging lets you add new capabilities while preserving your current infrastructure and capital investments. It lowers total cost of ownership through server consolidation and IP integration, while minimizing training and migration costs by using familiar interfaces across desk phones, desktop clients, Internet browsers, and administration clients.

Voice and Fax Messaging

Enhance productivity and lower costs by using messaging to keep office, remote, and mobile workers connected to customers, colleagues, and information.

Avaya one-X® Speech

No matter where they are—work, home, on the road—key workgroups use speech commands for seamless access to critical communication tools and business applications.

Speech to Text

With this optional service, users can read their voicemails, anywhere, anytime. Find more time for priorities by cutting time spent on message retrieval, playback, and note taking.

Message Networking

Gain networking capabilities for messaging products, including Avaya Modular Messaging, Avaya Octel® and INTUITY™ AUDIX® messaging, and non-Avaya messaging systems.

Unified Conferencing

Avaya Unified Conferencing enables real-time employee collaboration anytime, anywhere. We offer configurations for businesses of every size, delivering capabilities like audio conferencing (with up to 4,000 participants), web conferencing, document-based collaboration, sharing of desktops and applications, and video.

Unified Conferencing is easily deployed on-premise for audio only, or as a combination of audio, video, and web conferencing across the entire business. By eliminating the fees associated with external conferencing, Unified Conferencing helps companies cut costs and realize a rapid ROI.

Meeting Exchange

This advanced web and voice conferencing package delivers enterprise-class collaboration capabilities, like reservation-less, scheduled meet-me, and online conferencing. This open, standards-based solution can be easily integrated with your existing conferencing solutions, infrastructure, and business applications. Meeting Exchange offers a variety of user and administrative features, as well as deployment options for environments ranging from basic TDM to pure IP-based.

Web Conferencing

This browser-based collaboration application lets businesses hold productive online conferences and work sessions, with capabilities like PowerPoint “push,” document annotation, streaming video, white boarding, text chat, and polling with instant tabulation. Participants can share desktops and applications, allowing them to upload and view documents and annotate them real-time. It can be combined with Avaya audio conferencing components to provide a complete collaboration solution.

IP Office Conferencing

Designed for small and medium businesses, this software provides a private audio-conference bridge that allows users to communicate with up to 64 people on up to two calls. It includes features like meet-me conferencing with PIN-number security, scheduling, and management features. It includes a web client that permits the host to control speaking and listening privileges, upload documents for real-time viewing, and “whisper” to users individually. Web chat functionality lets participants send messages to the host or to all callers.