about us

We've been around a while.

In 2002 we started customizing and maintaining proprietary, mission-critical call centers for companies like Walgrees, The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and Marriott. We handled all seven layers of the OSI model which means we did everything from bring in connectivity (this is pre VoIP days), to structured cabling, extending DMARCs, data center setups, network implementation, system configuration, testing, software rollouts, admin/user training, reports, and maintenance.

A big focus for us was recording calls, storing them, and retrieving them in the event of lawsuits. We also focused heavily on "call treatment" and how a customer traveled from a main number to the right individual in order for a sale to close or get technical support. Before the cloud was reliable, we set up physical systems to switch over to when cloud providers sold to clients that were too big for their fast-growth SaaS environments. We still have clients who maintain cloud and physical systems or dual cloud environments. When our clients have contracts with their customers with high availability SLAs, we support those environments at the level of their risk appetite from disaster recovery to high availability.

Tech keeps evolving.

In 2012 we added open source solutions to our proprietary offerings. The cloud was just getting popular and up until the lockdown, there were a lot of hold outs. It was around the lockdown that we shifted to being a security-first firm. We had an experience related to data privacy that forever changed how we work. Our group is very seasoned when it comes to technology and business. And it is important to stay fresh with skills and atitude. If a client doesn't have a budget for security, they aren't a fit for our organization. Security doesn't have to be cost prohibitive, it just has to be important enough that a client will make it a priority. We are problem solvers and will at a minimum provide suggestions for possible directions to go, even if we aren't the right fit for the objective you are solving.

Our website is a little light these days. What is the old saying: the cobbler's shoes have holes. Usually because the cobbler is busy fixing the shoes of other people. In our case this is true coupled with our founder working on climbing Everest before the Khumbu Glacier melts. The similarities between technology objectives and climbing objectives are quite amazing. It's the hope of our founder to continue to provide work experience in technology to veterans, minorities, and women while incorporating the lessons learned from climbing and alpine climbing.

Our Team

Please enjoy some of our team's animals.

We were in lockdown for almost two years. We decided to support some artists online by using their images to represent our pets. When the lockdown was over, it felt right to keep the team pictures from the lockdown. Please click on the names below the images to see the artist generous enough to share their work.


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